Top Summertime Home Upgrades!

Top Summertime Home Upgrades!

iStock_000003312271SmallThere are a variety of fabulous home upgrades out there that are perfect for the summer season. Whether you are preparing your home for sale or are just looking to make it more appealing and presentable to family and friends these following five home upgrades are perfect projects for you this summer.

1.)   Put In A Summer Kitchen: Everyone loves cooking outdoors and nothing makes it easier and more fun than the perfect outdoor summer kitchen. One of the best home upgrades for summertime is to put in a summer kitchen complete with a sink, stove, BBQ, etc. This upgrade will also greatly increase the appeal of your home to potential buyers.

2.)   Get A Wet Bar Installed: What living room, media room, or man cave is complete without a wet bar. So, consider having a wet bar installed in one of the areas of your home used for entertaining and it is sure to be more enjoyable for you and your guests. Plus potential buyers love seeing homes where they can entertain family and friends.

3.)   Add A New Bathroom: Adding a bathroom is one of the best upgrades for anytime of the year. However, consider utilizing above floor plumbing for a quicker, easier, and more cost effective project. Plus this way you can practically put an extra bathroom anywhere. This is a home upgrade that will appeal to potential buyers while also boosting your home’s value too.

4.)   Spruce Up Your Backyard: Nothing is better than spending time outside in your very own backyard oasis. Consider adding a new patio set or fire pit to give your backyard some extra summertime appeal. Plus this will afford you the perfect place to host a summer party or small gathering. Get on this project now and your backyard fun will last into the fall.

5.)   Upgrade Your Kitchen: It is never a bad time to upgrade your kitchen and so it makes our list. According to the experts upgrading your kitchen is the top way to increase your home’s value and appeal. Consider upgrading your kitchen during the summer to take advantage of cooking outdoors in the warm summertime weather.


These summertime upgrades are great for tropical South Florida communities like Admirals Cove but will work for any homeowner in any part of the country. Please feel free to share these summertime upgrades!

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