Top Five Home Selling Mistakes To Avoid!

Top Five Home Selling Mistakes To Avoid!

iStock_000011892013SmallIf you want a successful home sale it is important that you avoid making any large home selling mistakes. Many home selling mistakes act just like small bumps in the road but others can act like huge obstacles in your way sometimes even forcing you to take a detour down a different path. So here is a list of the top five home selling mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

1.)   Going It Alone: One of the biggest and worst mistakes that you can do when it comes to selling your home is to try and go it alone. It is imperative that you seek the guidance of a seasoned home selling professional. So unless you are a seasoned pro it is a huge mistake to think that you can successfully go through the home selling process alone.

2.)   Emotions: Another huge mistake is to let your emotions get in the way of your home selling. That is why it is so important to dissociate yourself from your home and think of it more as a product to be sold. If you don’t you run the risk of letting your emotions get in the way of your home sale. So be sure you start the home selling experience right by cutting the emotional ties between you and your home.

3.)   Neglecting Repairs: Neglecting your home repairs is something you need to avoid as much as possible. If you neglect to fix the repairs in your home potential buyers will wonder how well your home could have actually been maintained if at all. This is an easy way to turn off potential buyers so be sure and do a walk through of your home noting any needed and necessary repairs.

4.)   Pricing It Too High: You may believe that you know exactly what your home should be worth. But, the truth of the matter is that your home is only worth what the market is currently willing to pay for it. It is important to put trust in your realtor that they know what this amount is. After all you hired them for their knowledge and experience right.

5.)   Skipping The Home Inspection: Generally, it is thought that scheduling a pre-listing home inspection saves people a great deal of time and aggravation down the road. This will allow you to address any potential issues on your time and the way you want. Even if you think your home is in perfect condition a pre-listing inspection will give the confidence of being sure.

These are home selling mistakes that all home sellers should avoid not just the luxury home sellers in Admirals Cove. So please consider sharing socially!

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