The Guide To Staging Your Home’s Exterior!

The Guide To Staging Your Home’s Exterior!

iStock_000027690957SmallSelling your home is one of the most important transactions you will ever take part in and it is important you utilize any home selling tool that you can. We talked about the importance of staging a home in a previous article but it is important you understand how to stage your home’s exterior as well. So here is a guide on staging your home’s exterior that is sure to help boost the desirability of your home to potential buyers.

  • Lighting Is Key: When staging the exterior of your home it is crucial that you remember that your lighting is key. You need to be sure all the lighting delivers the perfect amount of appeal. This is not only for the exterior lighting of your home you also need to consider the interior lighting of your home that you can see from the homes exterior too. Your potential buyers will definitely be checking your home out at night and you want to be sure it is lit up perfectly.
  • Freshen Up The Driveway: Your driveway takes up a great deal of your front lawn and you want it to be in as perfect condition that it can be for optimum curb appeal. Adding a top coat of sealer is a very effective way to make your home seem more maintained and will boost its appeal to potential buyers. Typically, this will only cost you between $50 and $200 and you can expect a return on your investment of 100 to 200 percent.
  • Maintain Your Yard: It is crucial that you get your yard cleaned up and maintain it until your home sells. A messy uncut yard can really bring down your curb appeal and in turn the overall desirability of your home. Consider hiring some professional help to ensure your home is always presenting a perfectly manicured warm and tropical yard. This goes for your backyard just as much as the front yard because trust us potential buyers will take a look.
  • Take Advantage Of The Season: It is a mistake not to decorate your exterior in seasonal styles and designs because it is a very effective way to boost your curb appeal and the overall desirability of your home. Consider decorating your home for the season with fall or winter colors, or maybe even with a holiday theme like Halloween or Thanksgiving but stay away from any religious holidays so you don’t alienate any potential buyers.
  • Create A Desirable Lifestyle: To create the most appeal possible for your home it is very important for you to create a very desirable lifestyle that will demand the attention of potential buyers. This means you really need to set the stage for potential buyers to envision what it would be like to live there. For example if you have a pool consider setting the stage for a pool party or if you have a barbeque area set up a backyard barbeque party.

This is great exterior home staging advice for any home seller not just those selling homes in Admirals Cove. So please consider sharing this article socially!

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