Fall Home Maintenance Advice!

Fall Home Maintenance Advice!

Man cleaning the roof in autumnEvery year your home goes through various temperatures, weather conditions, aging, and even human abuse that can all leave your home weakened and even damaged. Therefore it is critical that we protect our investments by consistently checking and maintaining our home and its surroundings. Here is a list of key areas of your home that you should consider checking and maintaining before fall.

1.)   Have Your Grounds Checked Out For Potential Debris: Before any big fall storm hits it is imperative that you get your grounds checked out for potential debris. This can be anything from the dead or dying trees in your yard to your summer patio furniture. These things can be picked up by strong winds and potentially damage your home or even end up hurting your family.

2.)   Get Your Filters Checked Out And Replaced: If you have a central air system in your home it is important to have its filters check out regularly. Plus it is extremely important that you get your stove vents, fans, and cloths dryers checked out to for the cleanest possible air in your home. The cleaner the air the happier and healthier your family will be.

3.)   Examine Your Windows And Doors For Drafts: In order for you to maintain a desired temperature in your home and keep the elements out it is crucial that you get your windows and doors checked out for any drafts. If drafts are found be sure to get them fixed before the fall season hits. For better insulation try adding heavy drapery around certain windows where you think it is needed.

4.)   Remember To Prepare Your Lawn For The Season Change: It is very important that you remember to check out and maintain your lawn before the fall season hits. Fertilizing before fall is a great way to prevent winter lawn damage and spring weeds. Be sure to check with your local lawn and garden store on the best strategy for your climate to ensure optimum results.

5.)   Get Your Roof/Gutters/Downspouts Checked Out: Often forgotten about but extremely important is the roof, gutters, and downspouts of your home. Because they are not at eye level we tend to take these parts of our homes for granted but it is imperative that we constantly check and maintain them. It is also important to check any skylights or flashing on your roof for leaking or other damage.

These are great fall home maintenance tips for any home not just the wonderful South Florida real estate in Admirals Cove. So please consider sharing this article socially!


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