Why Buying A Home Is So Desirable!

Why Buying A Home Is So Desirable!

Got my dream houseSure, the home buying experience and home ownership itself can have difficulties and maintaining a home isn’t cheap or easy either, but the advantages of homeownership far outweigh the disadvantages. So we have developed a list of what our experts believe the top five advantages are to homeownership and why they make buying a home so desirable.

1.)   Building Equity: You will be able to build up equity through paying down your mortgage and through the appreciation of your home. When you rent you are still building equity just for your landlord not yourself. With interest rates still at a decent amount and home values steadily increasing there is no better time than now to buy a home a build equity quickly.

2.)   Increased Net Worth: According to the experts a homeowner’s net worth will far exceed that of a person who rents a home even when they have the same monthly income. Your net worth is simply the sum of everything you own subtracted by the sum of everything you owe. So it is simple to see how an increased net worth is so desirable.

3.)   Tax Benefits: People who own their home also enjoy many great tax benefits that renters just don’t get to enjoy. Homeowners are afforded some very desirable savings when it comes to both state and federal income taxes. There are a variety of tax deductible expenses associated with a homeownership just ask your friendly neighborhood realtor and you will be pleasantly surprised.

4.)   Family Stability: Family stability is extremely central to a healthy and happy lifestyle and even though it is less tangibly than our other advantages, but it is generally far more important to you and your family. Building memories and family traditions is way more easy for a family that owns their home than a family that is renting and is forced to move from home to home more often.

5.)   Freedom: One of the most desirable aspects of homeownership is to do what you feel with your home. When you rent a home you typically have very little to no freedom when it comes to decision-making. Owning your own home provides you with the ability to do what you please with your home and live your life the way you want it lived.

These are great reasons that make buying any home so desirable not just the fabulous homes in Admirals Cove. So please consider sharing socially!

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