How To Prepare Your Admirals Cove Home For Sale!

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So you have decided that it is time to sell your Admirals Cove home, but before you go putting it on the market you should take some time to really spruce it up to increase its appeal and maybe even its value. Real estate that is clean, uncluttered, and needing no repair sells quicker and at more of a premium price. Prior to listing your home be sure to take a tour of your home inspecting it as if you were a potential buyer. Make a list and keep track of everything and anything that needs to be cleaned or repaired. Be sure to prioritize this list and estimate how much money and time each project will take. Areas that you should go over with a fine toothed comb are the kitchen and bathroom areas. We have developed a check list for things that you should do to prepare your Admirals Cove home for sale.

Check List:

Before Listing

1.)    Clear out any and all clutter from cabinets, closets, and counterto ps. Consider packing up items that you want to keep but rarely use and remove them from your home.

2.)    Remove any excess furniture and items that look worn and store them away in storage.

3.)    Work with your realtor to arrange the rest of your furniture and items so that they will be appealing to potential buyers.

4.)    Wash and if needed repaint walls that need it.

5.)    Clean and shampoo any carpets.

6.)    Repair any faucets or appliances that need fixing.

7.)    Clear out and clean up your basement and garage areas.

After Listing And Before Selling

1.)    Keep your home clean and organized as much as possible.

2.)    Leave your home while your realtor is showing it to potential buyers.

3.)    Try adding fresh fruit or flowers every few days to give your home a fresh and inviting feel.

4.)    Consider baking cookies before showings and open houses to give potential buyers a warm and inviting feeling.

Your real estate agent will generally have some good advice on what needs to be done to get done before your home is ready to be listed. They are experts in selling homes and getting them prepared for sale so be sure to listen to their recommendations. The Waterfront Properties’ team of Admirals Cove specialists is the best at selling Admirals Cove real estate and they are sure to exceed any and all of your expectations. Please contact them at 1(561)746-7272 to see how they can bette

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