Homebuyers Look Out For These Red Flags!

Homebuyers Look Out For These Red Flags!

iStock_000014869787SmallHomebuyers, it is extremely important that you look out for these red flags when looking at potential homes because sellers wont always disclose everything they should to potential buyers. So here is list of the top five red flags to look out for during your home search to help you better whittle down your potential home list.

  • Multiple Homes For Sale In The Neighborhood: A mass exodus from the neighborhood is a big red flag that you need to be sure and look out for when looking at potential homes. It is important that you don’t get caught up in the curb appeal of a potential home, and take a look down the street and see how the potential neighborhood is doing. Plus ask the neighbors what they think of the neighborhood because if everyone wants to leave maybe you should too.
  • Missing Structural Walls Or Floors: If a property is missing a structural wall or floor it can be very dangerous and it is a red flag that you need to be sure and get checked out. Yes you may love how it has opened up the floor plan and adds space but if a load-bearing wall was removed without correctly adjusting the framing for it, things can shift and cause you lots of problems down the road. If you run across a property like this be sure and get it checked out by a structural engineer.
  • Little To No Maintenance Or Upkeep On The Home: A huge red flag that can’t be ignored is when a home shows symptoms of little to no maintenance. Because if you see mediocre maintenance in one area of a home you should start thinking, what else did they neglect? When you see signs of poor home maintenance it is an ominous indication of other more serious issues deeper within the home. So be sure and have any potential property that shows signs of little to no maintenance check out by a professional.
  • Bad Smelling Odors Exuding From The Inside Or Outside: A bad smelling odor whether it be inside or outside the home is a huge red flag that needs to be investigated further. It is important that you take some big whiffs throughout and around any potential home to see if you notice anything bed smelling. If you can’t smell anything because of an overwhelming aroma of giant potpourri and lit candles all throughout the home it could be a red flag too so consider investigating it further.
  • Faulty Or Outdated Wiring: You probably aren’t an electrician but if you notice wiring that just doesn’t look right or looks really old it is a red flag that must be checked into. It is also important for you to check all the light switches and outlets to ensure they are working correctly. Be sure to look out for flickering lights, warm or hot outlets or switches, faulty circuits, etc. because they can all be symptoms of wiring issues.

This is great advice for any homebuyer not just those trying to decide between a fabulous Admirals Cove home and something else. So please consider sharing this article socially!

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