Home Maintenance 101!

Home Maintenance 101!

Whether you are planning on selling your home in the near future or live in it for an extended period of time home maintenance is key. When you own a home making sure that you maintain it correctly and often is extremely important especially when it comes to preserving its value and your investment. Maintaining your home doesn’t need to be a difficult or stressful experience when done on periodic basis. Here is a list of home maintenance tips that will help you preserve your homes value.

1.)   Get Your Roof Inspected: Over time your roof can sustain some significant wear and if you don’t have it inspected periodically it can lead to some serious damage to your home. A little money spent on a roof inspection can save you thousands if not tens of thousands down the road.

2.)    Give Your Driveway And Walkways Some Attention: Maintaining your driveway and walkways often is very important. Because it is so much easier to maintain them periodically when they wear than to have to completely redo them when the damage gets out of control.

3.)   Clean And Maintain Your Filters: Maintaining the filter of your heating and cooling systems is a very important job. This will help to prevent these units from getting damaged as well as run more efficiently and cut down on your energy usage.

4.)   Get Your Furnace, Boiler, and Water Heaters Inspected: These appliances are very important and tend to be very costly to replace. With a little maintenance and periodic inspections these appliances are sure to last you longer and work more efficiently.

5.)   Clean And Inspect Your Gutters: Making sure that you periodically inspect your gutters to ensure that they are not blocked up in debris is very important to maintaining your home. Gutters are designed to help divert water away from your home so blockages can cause water damage and even mold.

6.)   Refinish Your Decks And Patios: It is very important that you refinish your decks and patios every couple of years. Having these areas refinished and sealed will help prevent rotting and damage. Be sure to get these areas pressure washed periodically.

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